Day Three brought me to the MOMA and their latest exhibit, “Rain Room.” Though I’m originally from NY and lived in the area most of my life, I’ve actually never been to this particular museum- a thought that spurred the realization that I haven’t been to many notable landmarks in this city. To be a tourist in one’s own city… sounds like #projectlife101 to me. 

Back to the Rain Room. We got there at 10am, trying to avoid the hour long lines, and were inside the installation by 11:30. Score. So what is this “Rain Room” you ask?

According to the MOMA website, “Rain Room consists of a field of falling water that visitors may walk through and experience how it might feel to control the rain. The work also invites visitors to explore what role science, technology, and human ingenuity can play in stabilizing our environment. Using digital technology, Rain Room is a carefully choreographed downpour- a monumental work that encourages people to become performers on an unexpected stage, while creating an intimate atmosphere of contemplation.”

It’s pretty fucking cool, that’s what it is. One caveat- you WILL get wet. At least a little bit. Or a whole lot if you’re like me and find the one leak in the installation and choose to stand directly under it. They say to move slowly through the space because the sensors need time to register, but even at my most careful entrance and exit I still managed to pull off the “caught in the rain” look. Take some time to really explore it… a great spot to see how the sensors work and control them is towards the edge of the square. Best part? The sole light shining through the dark space allowing for the perfect amount of illumination for some photos, and shadowing for others. I highly recommend searching the #rainroom hashtag on Instagram and Twitter to see some amazing pics. Like these.

After we left the exhibit we ventured into the museum and worked our way top to bottom through paintings, sculptures, architecture, photography and technology, stopping to play a little old school Tetris/PacMan and of course check out the bathrooms on each floor (for me and my unnecessarily small bladder). While en route from one room to the next, I paused to admire a painting I had never seen. It’s strange, how something strikes you for no apparent reason and then never quite leaves. When I looked to see who the artist was (Andrew Wyeth) I saw the title- “Christina’s World.”

And what a wonderful world it is. On to Day Four….